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About Us

Hilden & Diaz is collaboration between the artists Thyra Hilden (1972, DK) and Pio Diaz, (1973, AR).
In 2005, the two artists founded the partnership Hilden & Diaz and gathered their artistic interests. Thyra Hilden came from exploring existential ambiguity in her photographs and video installations and Pio Diaz worked with political and social critique through interventions in public space. The strength and dynamic of Hilden & Diaz as collaborating artists is due to their cultural and artistic differences.

The artistic synergy of Hilden & Diaz works primarily with a focus on transformation and paradoxes. Their starting point is existing cultural icons and basic elements, which they transform and modify to tamper with the common perception.

Hilden & Diaz’ artworks have several overlapping branches: technology, cognition, psychology, history and most central nature. This palette of subjects, seem always to interlink through the core of their artworks.

Their main project together is City on Fire (2005 - 2010), a large-scale video installation setting buildings and monuments on virtual fire in order to reveal the fragile and transitory nature of man-made constructions. This project culminated with the installation in Rome "Coliseum on Fire" in 2010.
"For many years it has been of our interest to question the cultural structures through destructive forces such as fire. Lately, our interest has shifted to its radical pole, that is, how to preserve the most fragile things existing despite all odds. This aim is obvious in our new art project named Bubble: making a soap bubble last forever.
The inspiration for the artworks, appear to us as blur visions that will not vanish. We are two artists but our minds work as one. We dive into a sea of cohesion, creating some sort of wormholes to a common consciousness. It's like some mysteries that co-habit with us in form of forgotten memory, are right there waiting to be revealed and dug out of the archives of Mother Nature"
Hilden Diaz discovers mysteries, reveal and share them with us. They steal their force, like they did with the fire in City on Fire. Hilden & Diaz use these mysteries as the onset for an artwork similar to the way a painter uses an empty canvas and buckets of paint, by juxtaposing existing elements to form their artworks.
Along with the large scaled projects Hilden & Diaz create several smaller artworks, drafts and projects: Ash pictures, alchemistic Rorschach paintings, mirror-objects, light installations or any given form posing paradox questions to our self-understanding.